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Printhead Cleaning Fluid For Water Based Printer Inks

Printhead Cleaning Fluid For Water Based Printer Inks

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Our printhead cleaning fluid is a water-based cleaner that is safe and effective for
cleaning the printer heads and capping stations on your DTF printer. It leaves no
residue on the printer elements and is nonhazardous and drain safe. Keeping the
printheads and capping stations clean on your DTF printer is an absolute necessity
to obtain optimal printer performance and quality print products. Before cleaning,
it is important to learn first how to remove and replace the printheads on the make
and model of the DTF printer being used.

The frequency of cleaning should be directed by the printer manufacturer’s
specifications but, generally speaking, the quantity of printing and hours of
printer operation, rather than calendar days, should be important considerations.
If cleaning with the proper fluid is not done, the ink builds up, becomes dry and
brittle, and results in a very negative effect on the quality of the print product.
When cleaning, use a long swab dipped in the solution and then applied to the
printhead using gentle pressure to remove all visible ink; don’t forget to apply the
solution to all areas of the printhead, including the underside.

As with other cleaning supplies, care should be taken to keep the cleaning fluid out
of the reach of children and pets. In addition, if the fluid is spilled on skin or is
splashed into eyes, generous flooding of the areas with water is recommended.
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