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DTF Transfer Zone

Premium CMYK DTF Ink - 1 liter

Premium CMYK DTF Ink - 1 liter

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Our range of Direct to Film printing inks are non-toxic and environmentally friendly. Additionally, our inks are made from printhead- safe encapsulated resins, offer great wash fastness and excellent performance, and have been specially formulated to give optimum performance when used alongside our films and powders. DTF Transfer Zone inks have a one-year shelf life.

DTF Transfer Zone inks are water-based DTF textile inks and provide consistently positive results, whether used by converted desktop DTF printers or by commercial-grade automated powder shaker dryer systems. These inks are very suitable for use in most DTF desktops and are formulated to perform best in Epson print heads DX5, DX7, xp600, 4720, i3200, and Epson 6-8 color desktops.

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